OCS-XS3H(Steel ladle type)

·High strength alloyed steel
·U-shaped structure and compression-typed sensor
·Special design for high temperature casting industry( <1600°C)
·Anti-magnetic field, especially suited to high-temperature and strong magnetic field casting environment
·Accuracy Class                    OIML III
·Tarring Range                      100% scale capacity
·Display Steady Time             5-10 seconds
·Ultimate Safety Factor           6 ( >=20t, 5)
·Maximum Safety Overload     125% scale capacity
·Minimum safety distance between the crane scale and the surface of hot steel liquide :1000°C/1.5m,1200°C/1.6m,1400°C/1.8m,1600°C/2.0m
·Effective wireless transmission distance >100m
·Transferable units of kg and lb
·Sealed and maintenance-free rechargeable batteries of 12V/7Ah (scale) and 6V/5Ah (instrument)

Alternative wireless weighing indicators available( detailed information refers to wireless indicators )

1XK3168A-1(Potable type)

2XK3168E(LCD desktop type)

3XK3168H Handy type

4DP100 large screen type


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